Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Health

Continuing my recap of 2011 I wanted to cover my hobby that consumes the most time which is running and biking. I had started the process of losing 65lbs on March 15th, 2010. On September 15th, 2010, I accomplished that goal. Since that time, I have been maintaining my running and biking habits. From April to December I bike 100-140 miles a week. I run year-round about 35 miles a week unless I'm training for a marathon. I have become partial to doing Duathlons which is a combination of running and biking but I also do fun runs and a winter running series of 10K's. In May of 2011 I ran the Madison Half Marathon. In July I did a 175 mile bike ride for Lymphoma. In October, I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.

I am now two races into the 5 race Winter running series but am not performing as well as last year due to some recurring calf pulls that come and go ever since the marathon. In any case, I am staying in the routine and maintaining my weight around 180 and my health numbers are all great. Here and there I throw in the snowboarding and this year I would like to get that in a bit more. It feels good to reclaim my health, and breath, and energy but I can tell the moment I stop it will not go well. Guess I need to keep it up for life.

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