Friday, January 6, 2012

Ghetto Running

My winter routine this year is that each day I run the 7 miles from my downtown Milwaukee office to home.  Most of this run is through a questionable part of town which gradually improves as I increase the street numbers.  Early in my run, I was amused when I apparently quite stealthily ran around three teenage girls in the Third Ward and one of them screamed a piercing scream as only a teenage girl can.  The other two just laughed.  I laughed too.

However, midway home I had my first incident in two years of running/biking this route.  As strange as it may sound, a stereotypical ghetto car came along and a stereotypical gentleman with traditional ghetto garb that seriously lacked a belt, leaned out and whipped something at me.  It hit me squarely in the back of my backpack thankfully and bounced off.  He was not aware that I am aptly protected by my tablet and I'm pretty sure my laptop can stop bullets. 

I give my less than civil, small minded ethnic friend 3 points for the well placed hit.  Nailing a target from a moving vehicle to that degree of accuracy was admirable and they might consider any offers the Brewers might make to augment their pitching staff.  However, I have to deduct 5 points for using his welfare baby's gerber peas as the projectile of choice.  So I salute you my friend and tonight I will toast your future with a 40oz and a bucket o' chicken as you so carefully pelt those who excercise with your baby's food.

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