Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 6th Day of My Summer Vacation

Day 6

9:00AM, I awake to another fine California day.  However I again miss the inferior HoJo complimentary breakfast.  I decide to run today but in the opposite direction.  This direction is a bit more daunting because the first 1.5 miles is uphill.  I find the run very pleasant though as there is a botanical garden along the way and at the top of the hill is a pedestrian walkway that provides a fantastic view of the valley on the other side as well as the ocean to the west.

9:45AM, Almost back.  Is it just me or are there a lot of Priuses around here?

10:00AM, Quick jump in the pool to cool down and then get ready for our adventure of the day.

11:30AM, We head onto I-5 up to Los Angeles to see Hollywood.  As I don't see myself returning to California anytime soon I decided we had better take the time to visit when we can.  Traffic was pretty good getting into downtown and we exited at Hollywood Blvd. We turned the wrong direction and ended up in little Thailand.  Everytime we see all these potentially awesome places to eat I get sad knowing my family will not be adventurous with me.

12:00PM,  I swear every other car on the highway is a Prius.  Is this the national car of the Republic of California?

12:45PM,  We park at a lot just off Hollywood Boulevard just past Vine.  The most immediate impression is the Walk of Fame.  I was amazed at how many people I knew.  However it is distracting to try and catch all the names when you bump into people because no one is looking forward.  It is hard to imagine that anyone would park their stroller on Brittany Speers star. 

2:30PM, We stop for a potty break at the McDonalds and by a family pack of McNuggets for a snack.  I think I realize at this time that no one in Hollywood is from the USA.  Perhaps eastern Europe, Asia, and South America.  What is it about McNuggets that are so addicting.  I actually determine it is the tightly guarded recipe for their barbecue sauce.  I really don't need the McNuggets at all but they won't give me the containers to just use my fingers to eat the BBQ sauce.

3:00PM,  I have decided that I was not very impressed with the standard sights of Hollywood.  We saw the Chinese Theater and such but the rest of the streets were just shops for tattoos, piercings, weird wigs and Lady GaGa outfits.  I would say that it was similar to State St. in Madison but the people were more normal.  There was someone every 12 feet or so soliciting for tours of the Hollywood Hills and the stars homes.

4:00PM, We decide to drive to Beverly Hills and check out Rodeo Dr. and the unrestrained wealth of that town.  The streets and houses are amazing and the unrelenting stream of $100K cars surrounding our hillbilly Silverado was astounding.  I simply cannot comprehend the sheer concentration of cash in one place.

5:00PM, Obviously it was the perfect time to leave downtown Los Angeles.  Traffic was good all the way up until the very moment we entered the freeway.  Then we got to be in LA traffic for a good while.  The children entertained themselves by waving to every single car around us in traffic seeing who would wave back.  A surprising number of people did wave back.  It would seem they may as well as there is plenty of time to sit around and chat with those around you.

6:00PM  I'm pretty sure this should just be called a Prius jam. 

6:30PM, Finally we break free of traffic and cruise in the HOV lane.

7:30PM, I pick up noodle bowls for dinner.

8:30PM, Pool and Hot tub time

10:30PM, Time to shower and pack up.  Ike and I are heading home tomorrow.  We are leaving Katie and Bonnie to fend for themselves and explore San Diego.  We need to leave by 4:15am and drive down to San Diego to rent a car for the girls to use.  Ike and I need to be back in Cedar City, UT by 1:00pm. tomorrow and that leaves us 7 hours to get there.  It will be close.

11:30PM,  I go to sleep wondering why I couldn't have rented a Prius and glad that I don't have to commute in LA.  I must say my impressions of all the hype about LA were debunked.  It is just an overpopulated place.

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