Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victory is Growing

Tonight the "Elders" of Victory met.  We were meeting to discuss the calling of a second pastor for our church.  Attendance has been growing and growing.  Last Sunday we had 209 in worship.  Our averages are about 170 a week now with 30-40 kids in Bible Quest.  Additionally our church has been self-supporting for a little bit now and has been growing a surplus in the general fund.  We are putting together a request to call a second pastor from the seminary to be a "Tent Minister" for Victory in charge of church in-reach and nurturing while Pastor Ben continues with a focus on worship and evangelism. Additionally we hired a children's ministry director last July and we will again have our Summer ministry assistant.

God has truly blessed this mission as we reach a new milestone. Where we can extend our ministry even further we will praise God.  It would be our hope to convert the pastor from a tent minister to a full time pastor within two years.  With nearly 20 seminary grads not likely to receive calls, this is a great way to allow a new pastor to stay in the ministry and get started even if they may have to work an additional job while they ministering.

I am excited about these new opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that's great, Tim. Watch it though...the crusaders will be jumping on the tent minister thing. One must use words in the narrowest of senses for them to understand...and even then.