Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

HUH? WOW! I'm pretty sure I will be getting the next Nobel Peace Prize as I talk a lot about "hope" and "change" and have been almost as effective as Obama in establishing peace in the world.

I think its a bit premature to be handing out such things simply because Obama wants change. It would be nice if he had a track record where his recent decisions and potential big-time failures he is orchestrating by driving Israel away from the bargaining table, appeasing Iran (sanctions are as rediculous as the UN that loves them), and the as yet undecided course of action with Afghanistan had some sort of timeline to show success. Not to mention that Pakistan is about to blow on the Taliban issue in their border region and will complicate any US actions.

It could be that Obama's only being a Campaign and Chief instead of a Commander and Chief as well as being as an astute of diplomat as Neville Chamberlain could easily lead to being the person who most caused additional strife in the world.

But of course in this day in age ...It doesn't matter what you believe....just that you believe in something. What a pile of BS.

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