Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Update

Well it has been awhile since a Family update. I'll start with today and go backwards. There's not too much to report except that we had a good visit with Zach while he was here for the last two weeks. As I type this he is in the air on his way to Pensacola. He had a break between modules of schooling for 3 weeks and he sought out recruiter's assistance with his local Milwaukee recruiter for two of them so he could be home and visit even though he still worked every day at the recruiting station. He made a round of visits to relatives and such and then hung out with a few friends.

Zach's main goal to come home was to surprise his Mom so he told no one but myself that he was coming. Surprised her we did! It was exactly what he was hoping for. Since it is unlikely he will make it home for Thanksgiving, it was a good interlude before he comes home for Xmas. He also got to take care of all that fun stuff like renewing his driver's license and getting his contacts supply. I thank Kelly and Cal for the wonderful early Thanksgiving meal we had at their new house. It still makes my mouth water.

Kt is still busy with school and work and Phil. She visited him in September and I'm sure we will be seeing him on one of these holidays coming up as well.

Ike has been busy with football, CC and school. His football team had some sort of magical transformation this year and went from a Keystone Cops comedy routine to a pretty tough competitor. The thing is all the skills and size were there...they just need to have some confidence and sustain it. It's almost freaky the change. Last week the coach of the opposing team was livid with his team for "failing" against what was considered the most pathetic team in the league (last year they beat us 48-0). We all heard him screaming and jumping up and down. Sad ! Ike ran on my CC team as well. He was the 2nd or 3rd runner depending on the day. I had a great core of boys on that team and it always changed as to who was finishing where. They ended up taking 2nd place at the conference "Wisco" meet. I was ecstatic about a team from scratch from a school that hasn't had CC in 6 years and we came on strong. I hope for even better next year.

Karen and I just do our things...nothing new there. I have been running and continuing on after this CC season with it. Trying to get in better shape and lose even more weight. Maybe we'll see if I can run some fun runs this next year.

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