Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Update

So Ike has been in school at St. Marcus since the 19th. He started Football on the 3rd of August and has had a scrimmage and his first game this last Saturday. There has been vast improvement from last year, however, they still lost soundly to a very large team. Even though the Jr. Vikings have grown they still seem to come up against bigger teams. Probably the biggest thing our team lacks is aggression. How do you convey to a team that all those things they are told everyday in society about being passive, non-violent and nice does not count for football? Still for a team of noobs that started only last year they are definitely improving at a fast rate.

Kt started school today. She will have a stressful year for sure. She has 3 AP classes and one class at Wisconsin Lutheran College for Spanish. Along with work and CC that should keep her time filled. Phil phone time will have to be worked in there too. Phil is already settling into his job as an Air Traffic Controller at Camp Pendleton. Kt is heading to San Diego this weekend to visit him.

Zach is still plowing through his school as well. He had a two week sidetrack here but he will be done on 9/25 with this section of classes. We'll find out in a few weeks where he goes next. I think it is a bit boring right now since many of those he started with have already moved to the next phases and he is a few weeks behind them due to a few scheduling snafu's. Also I think he has decided he is tired of the base in Pensacola. They are particularly high strung there because the Marines are residing on a Navy base so they clamp down hard on the Marines to keep the Navy happy. Since his MOS has about the longest education track in the Marines it means he has to stay in the somewhat over-regulated training mode longer than most. Once he is in the fleet he will be good.

I have finished work on the temporary projects I had floated to back in April. August 15th I returned to NML's Enterprise division to work on a large project there. It is very interesting technology and requires lots of focus and study. That is partially why I haven't been blogging as I need to keep it all focused on the projects. I did move to a nice window space compared to the old building with a nasty inside room with a view of boxes of stored stuff.

Karen has been on cruise control these days but has been very busy at work. Because there can be 15-18 underwriters out on vacation on any given day the distribution of cases can get quite heavy over summer.

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