Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Checkup on the Hypocrites

I guess that leaves this wide open. It could be about Obama or it could be about the various Lutheran Legalist I follow on again off again.

I had taken a very pleasant break since the WELS convention in following these folks but Joe pointed out to me today that the Ichabod's are fighting again. I had some fun before with Joe back in July in playing up the accusation that we were the authors of the "real Ichabod" vs the original ichabod. We even had a Beavis and Butthead icon made up for us by Greg. It was an interesting experiment in following how a suspicion becomes a fact in Greg's mind and then after enough times saying it it was an immutable truth. This is too tempting for me to resist. If Greg said I was a flaming liberal , I am pretty sure I would run with that to see how many people would then believe it. You might find me finally writing the environmentally friendly, government loving piece on how we should all support the right to choose to kill babies.

Well the "Real Ichabod" author is back. Apparently he is upset about recent postings from Greg and decided to return. I have to laugh that the same tactic employed by Greg is being used against him. Rumor and hearsay with a bit of fact mixed in and then taken to an extreme. Although my dark side enjoys the "How does that feel for all the people you lambast daily in a similar manner.." feeling it gives, I have to admit it is definitely not my flavor at the moment

However now that I'm done having fun taking the credit for the "real Ichabod" site I will set the record straight that Joe nor I had nothing to do with it. I will confess I sent a comment asking who the author was and to email me. I wanted to offer some services to handle a posting here and there but alas...no response. In actuality I don't think the author likes my style any more than Greg as he is bitterly against satire and I of course LOVE satire. I think the blogosphere is THE place for satire. Pretty much those who can't take the heat should get out of the blogokitchen. So although I enjoyed watching the reparte, I don't think he believed I or Joe were the allies he wanted.

It should be known that If I author a site to refute Greg, you will know it is me. I will put my name in capital letters and maybe a good picture too. Secondly I don't think I would ever get personal like the "real Ichabod" is at the moment. I would stick to his doctrinal errors and poorly researched accusations. There isn't one word I have to say anonymously to him. For those so spineless to be anonymous because they know how Greg will drag them through the mud I say in love...stop being a pussy.

I suppose I will need to start watching the fun and games but I promise that my interest in all that nonsense is much less these days.


Anonymous said...

Well, that was a flash in the pan. He had so much potential too!! Real Ichabod is gone. Again.


Cheryl Louise Johnson said...

yeah, I went to check it out, saw there was nothing... it said it was available, though... hmmmmm. You guys should GO FOR IT! lol (PS probably wasn't the same guy the second time, either, if it was that much different than the first).