Monday, August 10, 2009

Victory Update

What a great July and August so far for Victory of the Lamb. The various summer events have been very successful. We handed out well over a 1000 packets of info at the July 4th parade and several people have visited church because of them.

We had nearly 200 people at the Hallepalooza event in the park. This is our family friendly music and games event at the park in Franklin. We put on a free picnic with the Victory Band playing music the whole time. We got to meet a lot more people in the community and let them know we exist and I hope they got to hear Pastor Ben’s message at the end.

Our Bible Soccer camp had 50 kids in it. After a week of learning soccer and Bible stories they have a large cookout with over 100 adults and family members staying. This gives one more opportunity for the parents to hear the message of salvation too.

This last Sunday we had 146 people in church. 26 kids in BibleQuest. (for Secret Shopper… I included a photo of everyone standing at the last hymn except for about 10 people on the far left who are cut off.. this is minus the 26 kids in BibleQuest and the 4 BQ helpers. And the 5 members of the band, Pastor, and myself)Both of these are new records for a regular Sunday.

With such a large number of visitors I was very happy that we had communion. I definitely fall in the camp of using communion as a teaching tool for visitors. Pastor does a great job of explaining the importance of communion and why it should only be taken with a shared confession of faith. In combination with his sermon which was a very good old fashioned law/gospel message having communion was a perfect follow-up.

On September 13th, 2009 we will be having our Grand Re-Launch Service. This is to announce and re-introduce our move to the Showtime Cinema. When you are a nomadic church such as ours it is important to let the community know where you worship. I have to believe that meeting in a movie theater despite its shortcomings (It is not singing friendly…sucks the sound of corporate singing away in the acoustics…sort of sad) has to be better than in the Polonia Soccer Club…a beer hall basically. We could hear the congregation sing there but it of course had a full bar and reaked of the last night’s party. I’d rather smell old popcorn than old alchohol, burritos, and vomit. On the upside…we had a disco ball.

So I extend an early invitation to the re-grand launch service on 9/13 to everyone. Fellowship before the service at 8:45 and the service starts at 9:30.

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Anonymous said...

At a time of year when most church bodies experience a dip in attendance, VotL is bucking tradition. It just shows to go ya...preach the Word and administer the Sacraments which your church is clearly doing. Kind of makes the music/format argument irrelevant, doesn't it?

May God continue to bless your church.