Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool Droid Apps

As most of you know I am a technogeek. I have been exploring the new and exciting land of Droid and the many apps available to Droid smart phones. Here are a few apps I have found that are useful and cool.

Uverse (for those who are ATT Uverse subscribers). - set your DVR for shows anytime or visit the library to download certain shows to your phone to watch.

LogMeIn Ignition - this is an app that allows you a remote desktop connection to your home computer both through the web in a browser window bit also with this nifty Droid app on your phone. This works real well if I ever need to do a quick support task on my web server or access pictures or files on the personal pc.

BeyondPod - This app consolidates RSS feeds for news, blogs, and video and audio podcasts. One of the best apps for feed consolidation where it can handle all the feed activities without having to send you directly to the site.

There are other apps such as ShopSavy that scans bar codes and searchs for the same product online to find the lowest prices. Pretty handy on big electronic purchases. So far though these are the apps that have been useful to me. I guess just the fact that I am entering this blog post from my Droid is a bog deal compared to the old days.

Happy geeking out!!!


cheryl johnson said...

Talking Tom. That's all you need. He'll keep you company.

Actually, yeah, Barcode Scanner is cool! I forget to use that when I need to, but when I have it is awesome.

Does yours come with Google Maps? If not, download it, that is the ultimate free navigator.

Google Goggles is fun: Take a picture of something and it tries to search for what's in the pic.

Google SkyMap:  Point camera at sky and it will show u the constellation. 

Ultra Notes:  Cool app for taking/organizing notes
and lists.  U can email or text the content of a note direct. 

Password Vault: this my sister recommended, but it does not do backups so maybe there is a better one out there…

Solo Light: a guitar! then you can actually play!

Brett Meyer said...

Cadrebible: KJV red letter edition (free). Resides on your phone. Outstanding search engine.

In Christ,