Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Update

Another Easter has come and gone. Lent and Easter truly are my most treasured part of the church year. I must admit that this Lent and Easter were terrific. Our series of worship for Lent and the great Lenten hymns really touched my heart. Whereas I am sad that I missed Easter service at Victory, I’m glad I was able to worship with another growing mission, Amazing Grace, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Amazing Grace worships in a store in a strip mall but hosted their Easter service in the nearby elementary school to accommodate larger crowds. They are just about to break ground for a new building. It was nice to hear the recorded music of Sarah Kuerth the wife of
Pastor Ben from Victory as she is so musically gifted. I also got to have my most favorite Easter hymns. It was funny to hear a good Wisconsin type accent in the middle of the south from Pastor Ben Zahn.

I saw the attendance numbers for Victory for the Easter service and we hit a new record with 222. We had a forum on Saturday and again next week to discuss Victory’s decision to call a 2nd pastor. So far that process has gone well. We also have a Shepherd’s Team which constitutes our elders. I am one of them. We are working on 3 things. The calling of a 2nd pastor, working within Franklin’s new master zoning plan to find pieces of land that we can purchase, and further developing our children’s ministries. Victory has been blessed with abundance. We have an abundance of children and we have needed to rent more theaters for the new Teen group and the burgeoning Bible Quest group. We have been blessed in our attendance that keeps going up every single month. We have been blessed in offerings in that our building fund and general fund are both growing significantly to the point of going past self-supporting to having a surplus that allows us to expand our mission outreach. This is certainly an exciting time at Victory.

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