Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Update

It has been awhile since I did a family update. We had a much better holiday season this year. It helped that this year we did not come back from San Diego to find our house robbed as we did last year.

Zach came home this Christmas from his base in Cherry Point, NC for two weeks. Although I think he only stayed at our house for a couple of those nights. We enjoyed our time with him. Zach is back with his former girlfriend. They were always good friends and continued talking a lot. They have been broken up for awhile but everyone knew that they would get back together. I’ll have to check to see who won the pool on how long it would be before they got back together.

Zach is back in Cherry Point though and will be there until the very end of March. After this training class is finished he will head off to a Permanent Duty Station somewhere. My vote is for Hawaii. I think that would be a great place to visit him. He also just got 5 wisdom teeth removed. Apparently he was lucky enough to have an extra one to dig out..

Zach did have a bit of a boo boo with my Jetta and it was totaled. No one was hurt or anything. However, I did have to find a new car. I did find a great car from a guy here at NML. It is a Volvo S40.  It came with a portable XM satellite radio of which I am now in love with. It looks like an iPod with an antenna and I can click it into the car or into my sound system in the basement. I like that you can load MP3’s on it as well to have this all in one portable device with 170 channels of material.

Kt is ready to be done with school. She has begun her final semester of high school. She is planning and getting ready for college at Miracosta College in Oceanside California. They have a program that directly transfers its students into UCSD or Cal State. She already has a place to stay with friends in a house and can transfer her job at JCPenney to one of two places out there. I know it sounds crazy but the total cost of her living out there and tuition is cheaper than living at home and going to UW-Milwaukee. The reason for this phenomenon also goes a ways in explaining why California is bankrupt. California subsidizes the tuition at state schools to a crazy, crazy degree. Even non-resident tuition is cheaper than resident tuition here. Of course if only cost were the reason she was going to school out there, we all know that is not the reason. Boy’s speak louder than money. Expect Kt to beat a hasty retreat from WI this June so she can work out there for the summer and be near the boy at Camp Pendleton.

Ike is hitting his stride in school.  Vastly improved in his organization and attention to the work that is due.  His GPA steadily creeps upward and even in the classes he struggles the most in he is getting progressively better.  He is also much more interactive and social with his classmates after last year not being very integrated into his new school.  He visits his friends in Cedarburg a lot on the weekends.  Other than hanging out in the basement Ike doesn't do a whole lot more these least until track starts.

Karen just got back last week from a week in Jamaica attending her cousin's wedding with a host of other family members.  The kids and I stayed behind.  They had a lot of rain while they were there but Karen said she had an incredible amount of fun and wants to go again...this time with less rain.

I think that's the most of it for now.

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